Alice Chance

Composer of music, words and installations

Sliced Marais

Menuet in A Minor from Pièces de Viole book v - Marin Marais

Conceived and performed by Alice Chance

The ingredients for Sliced Marais are approximately two-bar phrases from the original Menuet Simple recorded individually on a Viola da Gamba. After each phrase I've allowed almost the length of silence it would take for all the others to fall into place before it's time for that phrase to roll around again. But the fact that it's not exactly the right amount means that overlaps start to happen quite early on. You'll hear the melodies knot together in increasingly passionate and pained bursts. All the while, the lonely basso continuo line goes about its business, softly plodding along.


You only need your laptop and wifi to set this one up. It's best explained in this demo video I made.

You can also do it with several computers if they are available to you!



Make sure you ctrl click or right click on each of these videos and tick 'Loop.' Then just hit play in order after each phrase is done.

The above demo shows clearly how to do this.

Phrase 1

Phrase 4

Phrase 2

Phrase 5

Phrase 3

Phrase 6

Phrase 7

Phrase 8

Basso Continuo