Alice Chance

Composer of music, words and installations

Aurora Eora SATB (for 30-74 singers)

Aurora Large Group.jpg
Aurora Large Group.jpg

Aurora Eora SATB (for 30-74 singers)


Commissioned by Sydney Children’s Choir and Barangaroo Delivery Authority for

Sydney Children’s Choir

Arrangement commissioned by Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

Aurora Eora reveres the history of Australia’s first nations people of the Eora Nation.

Marrying the two words ‘Aurora’, Latin for dawn, and ‘Eora’ the Gadigal word meaning

‘of this place’, I’m seeking to honour the Gadigal clan and all twenty eight other clans

whose people have been and continue to be the cultural custodians of the land in

Sydney and the greater Sydney area, respectively.

In the same way that the sun does and always will rise,

they are the dawn of this place.

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